How Your Favorite Drink is Taxed

Oktoberfest is well underway and holiday celebrations are around the corner, but before you raise your glass or keg, take a look at our infographic that helps you understand how your favorite drink is taxed.

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Logos give a clear impression of your company and help establish your brand by communicating consistent messages to potential customers. Before customers ever walk through your doors or visit your website, they’ve likely formed opinions about your company based solely on your logo.

Scary, huh? It doesn’t have to be. Check out this infographic to learn what kind of logo is right for your business.

Source: What Type of Logo is Right for You?

Everyone has those days when they just can’t seem to find enough energy. There are a lot of caffeinated drinks that may do the job, but they aren’t usually known as the healthiest ways to increase your energy. These five herbs don’t just give you a quick energy boost, but long-lasting, natural energy for your day. 

Source: 5 Best Herbs for Energy

Courtesy of Palo Alto Software, who wrote a white paper on the state of small business in the first quarter of 2014, based off of a survey they conducted of nearly 400 small business owners. 

Private Water Well Guidelines & Safety Infographic